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Manager, Catalog Marketing

I am proficient in analyzing traffic sources, audience retention, playback locations, costumer journey, buyer persona and apply that to the marketing strategy and content creation including look and feel, generating brand awareness, brand appreciation and monetization. 

About me: A veteran in the digital creative production and marketing having worked with Fortune 500 companies across Latam such as Diageo, Sony Ericsson, Johnson & Johnson, Procter & Gamble, Telefonica Movistar, Telemundo, Digitel, and Motorola among others. 

Project Manager Certified

Digital Marketing Certified

Youtube Audience Growth Certified

Digital Media Bachelors degree

Audio Engineering degree

Hobbyist musician and producer in the genres of electronic music, pop, classical and Latin jazz.

These are a few examples of my works that can be related to the position you are offering at your company.


This video was created for the TAMZ agency through a friend of mine that no longer works there. The structure was very simple, we got a generic drone view from the hotel. Footage from the brand that was sponsoring the event, pictures of the artist and video and audio of the evening taken from an iPhone... I think this is the kind of format that would work the best for your artists.


An opening video for his concerts that was asked by a production company. I do not know if it was ever used.


One of a series of videos created for Rabinovicci & Associates for a corporate event.

Case study 1

The link to the case study of my work for Telemundo developing their Youtube platforms: 


Case study 2

The link to the case study of my work for Pongalo, an Over The Top platform for the Latin American audience. 


I would like to have a meeting with your team. I am based in Midtown Miami.

My Email: 

Or you can call me.

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