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Fabric Scafolds DJ Bar 2.jpg

Holographic proposal

For over 20 years I have been working in event marketing, music production, and multimedia. From Smirnoff Experience to Ultra Music Festival. Sony Ericsson, Procter & Gamble, Motorola, Movistar, Diageo has been some of my clients. 

I would like to offer you this amazing concept which is

unique, scalable, versatile, elegant. In a time where people look to be disrupted by new out of the home experiences.


I would like to offer this instagramable solution for your events, such as Art Basel, Miami Music Week or any other activation where you would like to bring brand awareness and brand appreciation, to your customers and guests. 


The picture above represents a proposal that can be implemented as a DJ booth or as a Bar. All I need to know is the type of event you would like host, the venue (such as wind, size, and ambient light) and the marketing objective.

The installations use different kind of mesh arranged in a specific order and utilizing one of several projectors. The mesh can be at ground level where the audience can walk through them, on a ceiling as digital signage or attached to scaffolds especially outdoors.


We create the content to make it work with the installation, this is a different media so material created for TV or web may or may not contribute to the experience. 




The installation will be adding a motion tracking system for the audience to be able to draw in real-time with a virtual light brush probably with audio feedback. Currently, the content is managed from a media server or in real-time. 



My team looks forward to meeting with you to establish a long term relationship of mutual benefit to offer you this current solution and the new ones already in the pipeline. 

Thank you very much

Reinaldo Torres

VJ Rei 



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