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PARTNER PORTAL: Projector & Laser

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Projector Rental

We have available 12 Panasonic projectors

6 are 8200 lumens 

4 are 6500 lumens

2 are 6000 lumens (spares)

The 8200 and 6500 can deliver images as big as 30 feet wide by 22 high. Depending on ambient light and distance

This is a video of one 8200 outdoors. 


Goldman Facade.jpg

These are the 6500 Lumens indoors.  

They offer a better experience than a LED screen at a lower cost. And LED screen of this size is not HD! Is a quarter of the resolution. 



8200 Lumens projector $800 per day*

6500 Lumens projector $600 per day*


power cable,

standard lense

remote control,

3 feet HDMI cable. 

Extra Options:

Media players: To have your video in a loop by only using an SD card or Pen Drive: $40 per day.

Wide Lens for short distances: $50 a day.
Projector stand with Laptop Shelve: $60 a day

Clamp to hang from truss: $20

100 feet HDMI cables and extension cords available: $20

Install labor $400

*Free delivery and pick up. 

LASER Rental

The most versatile laser in Miami, a new generation. Runs on batteries for up to an hour (can be plugged in as well)

Runs on WIFi from a mobile app or a Laptop

No annoying cables.

Laser rental $1200 a night (including operator)

Custom Logo $250

Laser Mapping (The first two scenes) needs a special production.





















Please call for package prices to: 786-479-8968 Reinaldo Torres

or send email to


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