Case Study: Creating an Over The Top platform

 in one year... 


To transfer into digital format the entire video library of a TV station in order to monetize on different channels and Over The Top distribution platforms.


The TV station has stored on tape over 130 titles with over 14,000 accumulated episodes of at least 45 minutes each. This includes novelas, series, documentaries and original movies that need to be digitized and make them compatible with other digital distribution platforms such as Youtube, Hulu, Amazon, Netflix and a new O.T.T.  


In order to achieve this, we need to create a reliable system that allows us to re-edit, quality control, create metadata, keywords, descriptions and artworks within a reasonable budget and time.


We developed a workflow pretty much like a production line where video files were digested in batches of 20 episodes at a time per editor. Edited, replacing commercial breaks with intros and outros with updated graphics, sound normalization, deinterlacing and rendered to mp4 for Youtube and mepg2 for other platforms. 


1. Project Management

2. Graphic design and art direction.

3. Strategy.

4. Consulting.

5. Staffing.

6. Quality control.

7. Daily supervision and coaching.

8. File management. keycode and name conventions.

9. Traffic, acquisition, and delivery to different platforms.

10. Managing vendors and outsource motion graphic designers.

11. Technical direction: Procurement ( Computers, Software, Ethernet Network), Renderfarm, and workflow.


A process was developed and turned into a guide. This guide was written in Spanish since the content was in Spanish and the crew was Latin American. 

Flow Chart

File management in app

File management in

drives and QC

Sequence Settings

Youtube End Card

Editing and Trasnsitions

Render Settings

Batch Render

Organizing files

Batch Render 

Adding Codec


This was the graphic created to keep track of the progress during the duration of the project. At first, we were one or two days behind schedule (within a year). Later on, we were one or two days ahead of schedule.

We finished under the most optimistic assumption.

Project Pipeline.png


Out of 40 tasks, I was accountable for 20. 

The CTO created this chart. Click to zoom.

Screen Shot 2019-04-29 at 2.01.38 PM.png


Keeping track of production. At one point you can oversee work is done, progress, pending items, stake holders...


The company grew from 3 people and two dusty iMacs to 15 people, several workstations, a render farm, and a dedicated fiber-optic uplink.

The project was originally intended to be produced by another company who after several months never got with the formula. Other companies were charging way too much money. After I was contacted by one of the partners, we figured out the process and within the first two months, we were able to deliver the shows to the different platforms.


It was faster and cheaper to produce everything in-house in Miami than overseas. The next step was to start creating the O.T.T 

Pongalo App

Pongalo in Amazon

Pongalo O.T.T


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