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Defeating Coronavirus

What to do at home to defeat the virus?

My father was a fireman and an expert in rescue and security, he was an ambassador at the United Nations. He went to every catastrophe unimaginable such as the Mexico earthquake back in 1985. His team never got sick from swage, decomposing bodies and viruses and bacteria on the field. Many times they needed to cut a corpse to reach a victim on the other end.

He used to give training to the oil industry and since I was 8 years old I used to be with him watching the drills and learning, that was in the 70's. 

This Coronavirus issue brings a lot of memories and procedures no one is talking about in the media yet and I feel I should address them in this document.

Where can you get infected by the virus? The hots spots are: 

  • Supermarkets: Fruits, vegetables, cashiers, shopping carts, shopping baskets, cashiers, point of sale.

  • Pharmacies: everything on the shelves people touch, cashier, point of sale, especially because sick people go there. 

  • Public transportation: Uber, Lift, public scooters, busses, subway, airports in general... 

  • Other places: ATMs, elevator buttons, the gas pumps at the gas station.

  • Restaurant tables: MacDonalds, Starbucks, tables, glasses, armchairs.  


In general, everything that random people touch all the time and every day. At the grocery store, if someone infected can cough and grab the shopping cart. At the pharmacy, someone infected touching the keypad of the point of sale. And later taking a Uber or a scooter.  

These are some Coronavirus hot spots: 

Produce Market
Coach Fleet
Diesel Gas


Every corporation like Walmart, CVS, Uber and so on. Need to place hand sanitizers at the entrance and at the cashier.

Uber drivers need to sanitize their vehicles, the same public transportation like buses, subways and airports. As today they are not doing anything, just sending people home but... infectious focus still multiplying unattended.  

What to do at home to defeat the virus?

This is what we are going to focus on the Coronavirus:

1. You can get infected 5 hours after getting in touch with it. It can be by any of the public hot spots or by contact with someone who is already ill. 

2. The virus dies after 9 hours on fabric and 12 on metal.


3. The virus dies right away on temperatures above 27 celsius/ 80 Fahrenheit. 


• Before leaving home:

1. In the morning take Vitamin C, one or two tablets. Link about vitamin C.

2. Gloves, hand sanitizer and mask.

• When you arrive home:

1. Put everything you wear and carry at the entrance on a side: backpacks, tools, laptop. DO NOT BRING THE VIRUS TO THE BEDROOMS OR LIVINGROOM.

2. Bring the groceries to the kitchen, all the fruits and veggies, clean them with hot water. You can boil water or put water in the microwave or from the faucet. You can use a handheld HAIR DRYER too but the surface of the items needs to get hot.

3. Put clothing you were using directly to the sun or to the dryer and leave it there for a few minutes until it gets hot. 

4. Computers, purse, keys, smartphones, SHOES all that. Find a way to put them on heat as well.












5. Take a hot shower and scrub your hands and face a lot.

6. Once you are clean, take bleach and disinfect the kitchen, floor and the entrance of the house. Door handles.


7. Keep your shoes at the entrance and use sandals to be around the house. Wipe your night table just in case, computer keyboard.


8. Anybody that comes to the house needs to use hand sanitizers.  

9. Do gargles with salt hot water!!!! Remember you have 5 hours to eliminate the virus IF it goes into your throat. 

10. Eat and drink hot things like tea, coffee, soup. That will kill any virus in your throat as well.

Everything else is common sense. You have to do this every day.


11. Be sure everybody else in the house did the same, especially kids when coming from school. 

12. Take the bedroom covers and sheets to the sun or dryer every 2 or 3 days or so. 

Car Keys
Brown Leather Handbag

So you need:




Vitamin C


vitamin c.jpeg

Something you can use as well in the street is gloves. They are easy to wash, cheap, and you can have different pairs. Very recommended when going shopping and in public transportation. 

gloves blue.jpg

On top of all this, follow the orders of your government. If you feel you are sick, call first to your doctor, it is faster and safer, they know what to do. 

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