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We are a studio specialized in VJing, Video Mapping, out-of-home experiences for brands, artists, and events.


1. We work based on your marketing objectives and campaign.

2. We create content based on your brand guidelines and graphic package.

3. We handle the technology to make it happen (technical direction).

4. We execute the production to deliver the vision.

We create the WOW!

Vast experience working with Fortune 500 companies such as Diageo, Procter & Gamble, Telemundo, Sony Ericsson, Goldman Global Arts, Motorola, Tiffany & Co. to Ultra Music Festival, Smirnoff Experience among many others.

VJ Rei Works
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Freehold Halloween
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Halloween Lincoln Rd.
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Tiffani & Co
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Mesh Gallery
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Clock Tower Miami Beach
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Knight Fundation
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Pictures of other samples and editorials.

Content - Technology - Media
VJ Rei Video Mapping Miami

We put together your idea, objectives, audience, and brand. To create awareness and appreciation in an end-to-end turnkey solution including events and fixed installations. 

VJ Rei Video Mapping Miami

Extended Services:

Company Audits:

A client in Miami had a multi-million production delayed for almost a year. They outsourced in another country, delivering only 8 videos in about 8 months out of library of several thousands. Within a week, I implemented a methodology that produced 40 videos per week under specifications.

Subsequently, I traveled to the production company for 3 weeks to check their production process. We discovered that the resources had not been allocated and the labor was under-qualified.


We decided to continue the production in Miami, finishing the delivery under budget and a year before estimations. 

VJ Rei Video Mapping Miami
Digital Service:

Creating a production process to successfully edit more than 14,000 episodes.

This platform is the current VIX on-demand space acquired by Univision. 

On Youtube, we reached 1% of the entire worldwide traffic.

This content was distributed to Youtube, Hulu, Amazon, Netflix, and a variety
of different Over The Top
platform for digital distribution.

 Click Here to read the project management case study.

Youtube Multi-Channel Network
Telemundo VJ Rei Video Mapping Miami

Telemundo Networks wanted to develop their digital presence starting with
their Youtube channels.
We developed a 360 strategy that includes re-editing all their content, adding artworks, metadata, call to action. Data analytics, audits, and channel management were part of my work. 

We reached one million subscribers within a year, created several viral videos with over 15 million views.

Click Here to read the case study and process.

VJ Rei Video Mapping Miami
The Ultimate Enhanced Reality Man Cave...

Imagine a venue designed for brands and companies to be able to show their "vision" in a 360 video map environment, motion tracking activated, with a video wall of 12 4K TVs... at 4K! with auto-generative content.


All that and more at quarter of the price and with a production set up of a few hours instead of months... Click Here.

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