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24' CAFF Visual Artist Submission


My name is Reinaldo Torres, better known as VJ Rei. I have been working with audiovisual, video mapping and lately laser mapping. My father was an architect and from him I learned the concept of space, lighting and integrating a piece into the environment.


I usually work in event production and branding, that is how I afford to buy my equipment. Since I moved to Miami in 2010 I haven't had the opportunity to do an installation like the one you requested.

For this submission, I have two proposals.

First Proposal: A laser/projection mapping installation.













This consists of an animation created on video, synchronized with lasers. For your event, I would need time to create a new piece taking advantage of the space at Superblue Miami. I have all the equipment required. I may be looking into using two projectors and two lasers. The piece itself will be based on a song or soundtrack. I am looking into something ethereal and relaxing.

The video attached is an example of an installation I did at Ultra Music Festival 2024. 

This technique is new. It breaks the fourth wall since the laser beams are part of the projection on the wall. 


Second Proposal: Fabrics - A Portal




















This installation has different variants. It can be installed on the ceiling, hanging on top of the people. Or at ground level creating a maze for the people to walk through. Just like the sculptures Carlos Cruz_Diez from Venezuela used to make. 

"Fabrics" is an arrangement of about 40 to 50 transparent strips, nine feet long and about one foot wide. Projected on both ends. The end result, if used using numerology, is a portal that will dissipate all sorts of negative energy from your aura and will bring you into a state of zen. 

For this installation, I do have the fabrics and the projectors. What I do not have is the trussing. The area is usually a square 9 feet tall, 30 feet deep and 15 to 20 feet wide. 


Thank you very much for offering me the chance to show my work. I hope we can do one or both. They are very special to me. Every time I do one of these installations I dedicate them to a love one in my mind and I let the feelings flow. I do this because I like to see the smiles on the people. They are always shocked because when they see my works they disconnect from their reality and they try to figure out how something so simple can look like this. 

Thank you very much and let me know with time. 

Reinaldo Torres

Here is my resume: 

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