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The world is going through a complex time where creativity is needed. As a Miami resident, we can see how our spaces are being affected especially when it comes to vacant storefronts in areas of great traffic.  

This proposal is meant to fill that void in the meantime, a solution that:

1. Will keep and increase the traffic 

2. Will give exposure to the venue and location

3. Is instagramable

4. Can deliver video or real-time interactive games

5. Suitable as an art gallery or branded content for different artists

6. Low maintenance cost



We see the opportunity to transform the vacant storefronts into enhanced media spots creating an outdoor corridor that can host an array of content that can be updated weekly.


We can use it as custom VR galleries, theme-based such a Hanukkah or Christmas, Valentine's and sponsored and branded content suitable for public awareness campaigns. 

The storefronts are a valuable real state that can be temporary repurposed. 

The overall objective is to transform the storefronts into digital signage stations and negotiate the space to those individuals or companies who want to place content that can add value to the Wynwood area. 

The idea is to run the content from December to April, from 6pm to 12am from Wednesday to Sunday (or during the entire week if necessary). 

We already executed this proposal a few years ago during Halloween at Lincoln Rd. It was flawless and the reaction exceeded the client expectations. 

Our work at Lincoln Rd: Halloween

Examples of what is possible.


In the Wynwood area we have located 7 venues of interest:

1. They are available

2. They have floor to ceiling storefronts windows. 

3. They are across the street from an active bar which could help gather liquor brands as sponsors for activations. 

4. They have constant foot traffic of visitors looking for culture and entertainment.


We got a green light to use the location in 2243 2nd av. 

Main Storefront

2nd Av Side

22nd St Side

This location is suitable for two video signals:

- One for the main storefront for artworks,

- And another for each side for artworks and sponsorship.

- The schedule used would be from 6 PM until 2 AM Tuesday to Sunday.

- Updates can be done weekly. 


Because this corner has Foot Traffic of about 600 people an hour a day and 30% at night. 4 million + visitors a year with a spending of $552M. See Wynwood Annual Report


The estimated price for 3 months of usage (December, January, February) which includes:

Video projectors

Digital signage media players 

Windows set up for rear projection and materials 

Computer programming for scheduling and playback

Dedicated software acquisition

Content creation (20 minutes duration)


Local rental (estimate)


Total: $49,000.00 

First Month to start the project: $25,000.00

Followed months $12,000.00

The company responsible for the production is Optical Video Technologies LLC.

We are open to assist content creators, agencies, schools, universities, and brands in the development of content for this venue as consultants, fees may apply depending on each case. 

We may charge a commission depending on each project and sponsorship.