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Reinaldo Torres

Business and results-oriented well-rounded professional with over twenty years of experience providing solutions from branded content, out of home experiences, event marketing, to digital marketing and broadcast media. 

Specialized in Creative Production, Project Management, Video, Interactive Design, Strategy, Vision, Process and Team Management.

Brand experiences: Smirnoff Experience, Smirnoff Ice/Black, Pernod Ricard, Red Label, Sony Ericsson, Procter & Gamble, Lucky Strike, Ultra Music Festival, Telemundo, Johnson & Johnson, Astra Seneca, Bayer, Hulu, Amazon, New York Fashion Week, Urban League. 

Project Management: Experience in Asana, Trello, Basecamp and other methodologies. Highly organized, problem-solving and adaptable with a wide-skill set at leading diverse teams.

Content Creation: Skilled creative producer, video editor, video producer, photography, art direction, graphic design, logo & Identity style guide, brand management guidelines. Also sound design, storyteller and copywriter.

Marketing: Customer journey, digital marketing, strategic thinking, ability to communicate well with staff and clients and translate the vision to every stakeholder, leadership, accountability, strong presentation skills.

Technical Proficiencies: Skilled with Adobe Creative Suite, Premiere, After Effects, Photoshop, Illustrator, Microsoft Office Suite, Cinema 4D, Apple Logic Pro, Apple Keynote, and a variety of presentation software.

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